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April Tech Talk

Flying Heritage Collection Tour

The planes within the Flying Heritage Collection were created at a time when aeronautical discovery had evolved to aviation mastery. Finely crafted by distinguished design bureaus with leading technologies of the 1930s and 1940s, the main emphasis of the collection includes combat aircraft from World War II.
In 1998, Paul G. Allen began acquiring and preserving these iconic warriors and workhorses, many of which are the last of their kind. Allen's passion for aviation and history, and his awareness of the increasing rarity of original WWII aircraft, motivated him to restore these artefacts to the highest standard of authenticity and share them with the public.
Tour slots are limited. Once they are filled a waiting list will be maintained.
When: Thursday April 10, 2014
Time: 5:45-6:45pm
Location: Paine Field, 3407 109th Street SW, Everett
Please register via the links below: Following the tour the Flying Heritage Collection is hosting a presentation by Suzanna Darcy-Henneman, Boeing Test Pilot. Learn about the career of a remarkable woman in aviation. For over 40 years, Suzanna Darcy-Henneman, lead test pilot for the Boeing 777 program, has helped test and fly some of the world’s most modern and popular civil aircraft. Registration for the presentation is $20 payable at the museum.

May Tech Talk

User Research: The Key to Making Technology Easy to Use

Translating technical expertise into “user-friendly” products starts with user research. Great products come from having a deep understanding of the end-user’s behaviors, needs and goals, and this is accomplished by observing and interviewing end-users in the context of their work. The needs and goals of the user are then translated into product requirements and the behavior of the end users informs the analysis of risk. In this discussion we will take a look at what distinguishes user research from market research, best practices in user research, how user research can inform both marketing and product requirement documents, and how all of these steps result in products that make technology truly user-friendly.
When: Thursday, May 8, 2014
Time: 5:30-8pm
Location: Everett Community College -> NEW SWE-PNW Collegiate Interest Group
Please register via the links below:

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